Taylor's birth mom wrote: 

"Getting ready to become a birth mother can be stressful and scary; it was for me. Landon and Julie's profile captured my attention instantly. Although I had been talking with another family as well, I knew deep down from the beginning that Landon and Julie were special. They are such a kind, fun, and thoughtful couple. They cared about me from the beginning, even before I had decided to place Taylor with them. I knew they would be wonderful parents, and they are. They have always wanted to accomodate me and make me feel comfortable, which is so important to feel as a birth mother. Julie never fails to send me updates and cute pictures of Taylor. They do a lot of fun things together as a family, and Taylor is loved and cherished by all of their family members. I know they genuinely love and appreciate me, and I know they love Taylor with everything that they have. It's comforting to know that she will grow up in a safe, loving, fun filled enviroment. Landon and Julie are incredible people and parents, and Taylor will make a great big sister. "

Taylor's Birth Grandparents wrote:

We first met Julie and Landon nearly three years ago. They were nervous – understandably so since our daughter was spending time with them to determine if they would be chosen to adopt her unborn child. They were friendly, inquisitive – and clearly desirous to bring a baby into their young family. We spent time with them over a couple of days. Their goodness and sincerity became more and more evident. Ultimately our daughter decided they were the right couple. They are solid, faith- and values-driven people. Julie's vivacious personality is endearing and supportive. Landon’s quiet stability rounds out a gentle and loving couple and family.

It has been our privilege to see them several times during Taylor's early years. They are gracious and welcoming – never causing us to feel awkward or Ill-at-ease. Rather, we are welcome guests. Seeing them together confirms our original belief that they were the right couple for Taylor.

Of particular note is the loving care with which they have treated our daughter, Taylor’s birth-mother. It is evident that they love and appreciate her for the role she played in helping their family grow. They have allowed her to choose her level of involvement and decide how often and how extensive are the updates she receives. The relationship is mutually supportive and respectful. She knows they love her and she loves them.

Through updates we have seen glimpses into the life Taylor lives. Days of music or story class, weekends spent hiking with mom and dad, and lots of fun with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. All you have to do is look at the smiles on their faces to see the love and joy in their little family. Taylor will make such a sweet big sister.

They are wonderful parents to dear Taylor. We have grown to love them dearly and from our perspective would gladly, successfully and lovingly welcome another child into their family.

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