Age: 4
Loves: running, climbing, caring for babies and baby dolls, playing outside, swinging, giggling, riding the merry-go-round, reading, singing, dancing, playing with our dog Copper, animals, pillow fights, tickling, painting nails, helping mom, cooking, popping popcorn and jumping on the bed
Favorite Food: pasta

half marathon race day

From: Idaho
Age: 29
Loves: running, kickboxing, volleyball, soccer, organizing, reading, hiking, the beach, scrapbooking, singing, and playing piano
Religion: Latter-day Saint (Mormon)
Education: Bachelors degree in Advertising from BYU
Former Profession: Marketing Director at a craft company
Current Profession: stay-at-home mom 
Favorite Food: Sweet & Sour Chicken



From: Utah
Age: 31
Loves: fishing, camping, hiking, playing piano, reading, learning, handyman projects, tools, woodworking, music, snow skiing, and cars
Religion: Latter-day Saint (Mormon)
Mission: Chile Concepion South
Education: Bachelors degree in American Studies from BYU and Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Willamette University
Profession: Business Development Manager at global technology company
Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Landon and I met in the library at BYU in February of 2007 and were married in the Salt Lake Temple in February of 2008. Our daughter Taylor joined our family through the miracle of adoption in 2013. We live in Idaho, have a dog named Copper and love to be outside, travel, and spend time together.